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Name:[ lev ; ]
Birthdate:Jun 22
fake father, you're going to make me cry ;

name ; [ classified ]
alias ; lev
age ; [ classified ]
height ; 5'11"
classification ; [ extremely dangerous ]

Lev is the presumed leader of Asphodel's human insurgency, a cybernetically augmented terrorist and hacker. It is not yet known whether he is originally from this universe or has been pulled in from an adjacent one, just like most of Sacrosanct's inhabitants. What is clear is that he is extremely dangerous, volatile, and determined to see Sacrosanct and its governing AI, Hypatia, destroyed.

Lev is an NPC for the livejournal roleplaying game [info]singularity_rpg. He is portrayed here by Huang Xiaoming .

cr chart . hmd . player . code

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definitely not ai
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